Open Ramble East is a free, inclusive and versatile group of people working with artist Ian Giles as part of the New Geographies commissions.

Open Ramble East organised walks with and for LGBTQI+ people across the East of England in April, May and June 2019.

The rambling walks moved from urban centres out in to more rural spaces. They were an opportunity for LGBTQI+ individuals to socialise and collectively claim space. After each walk there was a social event with food and music.

When researching walking Ian has been meeting with members of the Gay Outdoor Club, a membership led walking group founded in the 1970s. He has also been exploring queer sites and histories across the East Anglia.


Why Walks

Walks are social, they get us out of the house and away from screens for a little while. Walks are a chance to chat, look around, see new places and notice our surroundings.

Open Ramble East likes how simple going on a walk can be - we can be together by just walking somewhere.

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